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Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Limited engages in a rural development initiative. Under the training and supervision of ABFL, farmers are able to purchase day old chicks and accompanying medicines, vaccines etc. on credit. These farmers breed the chicks and then re-sell them to ABFL at profit. This rural scheme has been very successful in raising the standard of living of the local farmers and their communities. At present, ABFL has 1000 contract growers in its network.

Bhagalpur and its adjacent 6 upozillas with the establishment of agro-based industries, Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital and general educational institutions under the management of Islam Group. As a result, the village Bhagalpur and its adjacent upozillas are being turned into an academic-cum commercial center through which the people are able to earn honest money, get proper education and enjoy better health services. All these benefits and privileges bring changes in their thinking, life style, mentality, attitude and behavior. The locality is now humming with new life and economic activities.